What is Pine Hill Club?

Pine Hill Club is an invitation-only, golf society for people who are passionate about the game. With a membership that draws from across Europe and the Middle East, our mission is to cultivate a thriving society that signifies the very best in golf — where the course design is compelling, the camaraderie is genuine and the experience is always memorable. Above all else, Pine Hill Club is intended to provide its members and guests the opportunity to relax and spend quality time with one another playing the game they love.

What privileges come with a membership?

Pine Hill Club conducts more than 10 events each year, which members can attend and bring guests to. Pine Hill Club has a dedicated Concierge service allowing members to create their own itineraries for trips worldwide. Pine Hill Club has extensive member benefits that range from booking not only your golfing trips, but fine dining, accommodation, ticketed events and more. 

How were courses chosen for the Course Directory?

The most important criteria is that the club’s course be highly regarded and recognised as architecturally significant. Pine Hill Club has also worked with a number of industry experts to advise us on the best courses.

What type of events will be on the club calendar?

Pine Hill Club organises friendly competitions that are intended to foster member camaraderie and include all types of events, including member guests, member-member, and club/society matches. The events that Pine Hill Club organises always involve play at architecturally significant courses throughout the world.

What does the social network aspect of the club entail?

The Club's website allows members to securely access an integrated social network where they can easily post profiles, join forums and make contact with fellow members. The site includes details about upcoming events and activities, illustrative profiles of the courses within the Course Directory. Members have complete control over the extent to which they do or do not participate. Pine Hill Club respects the privacy of its members.

Is there an initiation fee and how much is the fee?

Yes. The Club’s Membership Director or member sponsoring the prospective member can provide this information.

What fees are members charged to play Clubs?

Green fees are dependent upon the relationship Pine Hill Club has with the Golf Club a member intends to play, we offer preferential rates for our members and their guests at many courses, however we cannot disclose these rates to non-members, so as to protect our relationships with these clubs. 

Will I ever be assessed for improvements, construction, etc?

No. Pine Hill Club members will never be assessed.

What is the Pine Hill Club Concierge?

The Club provides a concierge service to members, which enables members to obtain information by email and phone, which Members may utilise to book tee-times at any Courses in the Course Directory. Pine Hill Club also has a dedicated Events Coordinator ensuring that events are well organised and run smoothly.

How do I arrange tee times?

All tee time requests are fulfilled by the Club’s Concierge. All enquiries are responded to within 48 hours of the original request.

Will my family members and guests be able to use the Club?

Yes. Members are allowed to bring at least one (1) guest to selected events and to accompany them at Courses within the Directory.

Must I be an existing private club member to join Pine Hill Club?

No. A club affiliation is not necessary in order to be invited, though the majority of Pine Hill Club members already are private club golfers.

What type of person is the Pine Hill Club looking to attract?

The ideal member is someone passionate about the game, who appreciates its history and traditions and enjoys traveling to experience great golf courses with friends and family. This person may have multiple private club memberships, or may aspire to just one. His or her work and family commitments make free time a precious commodity, but when he or she does get to play, they prefer to walk and play quickly.

Pine Hill Club
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If you have any other, questions or concerns please contact the Pine Hill Club Team at:
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This is a general description of the member opportunities available at Pine Hill Club and should not be relied on for the purpose of deciding to acquire a membership in Pine Hill Club. The complete Membership Plan is available upon request at the Membership Office or from your Regional Pine Hill Club Ambassador.